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Featured Client Testimonials

Dana Canneto

Feminine Essence & Life Purpose Guide

I can’t say enough about my experience with Christina.  I have worked with a plethora of business coaches and nothing compares. I kept spinning my wheels and losing trust in the industry if I’m to be honest.


When I was introduced to Christina’s work, I knew I had to work with her without even knowing her yet. What she teaches, she embodies. In fact, I was still invested in another program when I signed on with her because I just had a strong gut feeling that Christina was the real deal and glad I did because she truly is.


I felt so scattered, unclear and out on left field before working with her compared to where I am now. I feel like I know what I’m doing In each moment. I now actually feel like a business owner, not just someone trying to build a hobby.  She gives you clear steps, a framework and strategy to follow that is long-term and sustainable and she has a way of keeping you on track. You cannot fail if you stay close to her and the work. 


Lastly, I can’t help but mention Christina’s integrity which is something I highly value in a coach and mentor. She is so passionate about your success, not just her own and it shows. She serves in a way that is professional, down to earth, compassionate and an example of what a coach should be, so being able to witness her leadership and embodying her work in the way that she does, in and of itself is worth every penny, second, minute, it’s everything!  Nonetheless, the energy she creates within the group is inspiring, supportive and the epitome of what “women supporting women” looks like. 


Thank you Christina for being a true leader in this field in every way, that I could go on and on and on about.  So grateful that I found you! 


Diane O’Brien

CEO, Executive Search

Kaplan Executive Search

“Christina has been a phenomenal Advisor to me while expanding from b2b on linkedin into b2c on facebook. She provides step by step lead gen training and coaching in scaling revenue, but most importantly she provides a container where women entrepreneurs feel supported and valued to grow into the purpose-filled business women they are meant to be! I was ready to retire from corporate, but under her wing, I found a renewed passion for helping even more people, while monetizing my expertise in creative and new ways. Thank you Wonder Woman….aka, Christina Denali!

My experience with Christina Denali was nothing short of fantastic. I felt supported the entire time working together and she just got me. As cliche as that sounds, it is hard to find in a sea of business coaches and mentors. She never sugar coated anything but always had solutions.  That is what I needed. A straight shooter that was compassionate and had my success in her mind’s eye at all times.

My confidence as a coach has improved since working with Christina and I am enrolling clients into my programs more consistently than ever before. You won’t find a better ally or mentor – if you are on the fence with hiring Christina, get off of it and jump. It will be the best investment you make for your business and for your mental health as an entrepreneur.

Jessica Vargas, Functional Nutrition Coach

I have literally invested $40k plus on my own personal and business development over the last two years, and Christina’s program is one of the ONLY that I have invested in where I experience legitimate forward momentum every single day!

The value is 10x the investment at a minimum.

Sharon W., Transformation Coach

Christina Denali is the real deal. I’ve worked with scores of business professionals and she rates at the top of the list for expertise, excellence and experience.

She truly cares about her clients’ outcomes and constantly over-delivers to exceed our expectations. She communicates clearly, effectively, efficiently and equally important, she’s a sheer delight to work with. Her energy, positive attitude and supportive mindset give her clients the best possible chance to succeed. And they do! We are celebrating successes almost every day!

I’ve learned so much and it’s changed the way I do business (better!). It’s also brought more enjoyment to my work. I couldn’t recommend Christina highly enough!

Carolyn Klika, Divorce Coach

As an experienced coach, I’ve had the training and confidence I could truly help the women I am called to serve.
But, I could not seem to break the code of marketing so I could reach them.
Christina Denali and her incredible Coaching Revenue Accelerator™ training changed that. Within 4 weeks I’ve signed one client, and have conversations in process with several more potential clients.
Not only is her training and coaching first-rate, but she also truly cares about each of her clients. Her community is encouraging and supportive-a direct result of her example.
Thank you, Christina for the work you do. It has changed my life.
Donna Woolam, Christian Life Coach

Don’t walk, RUN and get started with Christina Denali ASAP!

I have been running my own business SOLO since 2018 and it’s been a wild ride.

I have sought out expert help from various coaches over the years and while I did learn from those experiences, Christina has BLOWN me away in comparison.

Christina has done so much MORE not just for me, but WITH me and I can see helping me doing EVEN MORE in the future!

Since Starting with Christina just 3 weeks ago, I have made a Sale 🤩 and scored 2 new deal opportunities that are going to increase my future earnings on top of my signature offer! 🤯

I feel like I not only have a coach but a friend as she CARES, not often can you find that in a business coach.

I can’t thank you enough Christina, I am beyond excited to see what our future holds as I have never been more confident in my business and it’s future than since starting with you!! 😍

Laura H., Weight Loss Coach

Hey Ladies, Happy Tuesday! I wanted to come on here and post another WIN to impress upon you that it is possible!

Less than 1 week into working with Christina in her revenue accelerator program, I enrolled my first paying client today!

This system is so easy to follow, all you have to do is show up, be a student & apply. I’m feeling so excited & ready for more beautiful souls to begin their journey with me
🥰 All smiles here today!
Now in such a short span of time I have signed up 3 new clients & already 2 of them are beginning to see massive results in their life.
The third just came today! I really feel the momentum starting to kick in and I know this is only the beginning!

Thank you Christina for all of your coaching & mentorship so far!

Shelby G, Money & NLP Coach

My experience working with Christina is beyond what I expected.

She has incredible passion for what she does, her knowledge of the industry is amazing, she is unique in that she loves sharing her success secrets with her clients, but what has been the most valuable is that she has met me exactly where I am, believes in me and holds a high standard with love which has been so motivating.

I highly recommend that you invest in within working with Christina Denali she is a talented business coach.

April Waldman, M.S. & Intuitive Coach

Christina has a special way of making you feel unstoppable. She helped me go from stressed out single mom of 3 working a very unfulfilling job to full time life coach loving what I do.

She helped me get past all of my limiting beliefs, visibility wounds and insecurities of going online. She helped me create my first program and learn how to sell in a matter of weeks. I had no sales or marketing experience. She was patient and guided me step-by-step.

I was able to enroll 3 paying clients in the very first month of working with Christina. I’m forever grateful for her coaching program & support!


Sherri S, Life Coach

 Christina is such a thought leader and a business and mindset coach that I’m excited to have met and to have her in my corner. She truly empowers women to harness their full potential to live a powerful and abundant life.

And combining her business experience, her entrepreneurship and her life experience – she truly has a trifecta that no other coach has.

Christina’s passion for helping women is so inspirational and her unique 3 tiered coaching method will truly ensure that her clients will find such a deep connection to fully discovering their potential and to just go after their dreams with fulfillment.

Dr. Zonzie McLaurin, Mindset & Empowerment Coach

Hi everyone! My name is Isabelle Barnes and joined Christina’s Biz Accelerator Program 3 weeks ago. 

At the time I was already in another program that focused on FB Ads as their Lead Magnet strategy. I’m a brand new Coach, in the first 6 months of starting my business and I felt completely overwhelmed not only emotionally but also financially.

Since I started working with Christina, I have gained so much clarity and feel so much more aligned with where I am in this journey and her step by step process to build my audience organically is exactly what I need at this stage of my business.
I absolutely love how approachable and responsive Christina is. She really focuses on my individual needs and gives me the support I need.
I’m excited to see where I will be in 3 months from now using Christina’s strategies.
Isabelle Barnes, Functional Nutrition Coach

Christina has a unique ability to transform dreams into reality. I’ve been working to turn my side hustle into a business for years. Within weeks of working with Christina in her Coaching Program, I had a comprehensive roadmap to launch my company.

She walked me through every step, from pricing to designing service packages. Nothing was overlooked.

Her compassionate, supportive, and knowledgeable approach gave me the confidence to navigate the overwhelming experience of starting a business.

I was able to quit my full-time job and successfully find my first paying clients. I am so thankful for her guidance and would recommend her to anyone.

Cyndi Z, Content Marketing Strategist

2021 had been a difficult, long road from getting off course with what I’m here to do and going 8 months without any clients working with another coach.
To then FINALLY getting results and getting back to the work I love, from a place that feels soul-aligned.
Christina has been the most amazing coach, not just guiding me with strategies that work, but steadfastly believing in me every step of the way! 💗🔥
I’ve signed several clients and feeling very grateful and excited for all that is to come! 🥰🙏
Ruth Schalkhauser Tower, Spiritual Life Coach

We are a mom and daughter duo that joined Christina’s Accelerator Program and it has been the best investment we’ve made!
We started our life and health coaching business at the beginning of the year after realizing we were not following our purpose, sharing our gifts, or helping other women live their best lives. Early on, we decided to invest in a high-ticket program that taught course creation and webinar funnels, but were completely overwhelmed by everything (including the money required for FB ads) as we were still figuring out our business and the industry. We worked for months and months with no results and were completely frustrated and burnt out!
So, we decided to switch gears and seek out a business coach that was more aligned with our vision, values, and business. From our first strategy call with Christina till now, we have been blown away! Her accelerator program and coaching have been incredible and we continue to be amazed by her business savvy, expertise, her individualized support, and approachable manner.
We have gained so much clarity and alignment around our business and her organic strategies have greatly impacted our business. If you are looking for a fantastic business coach and mentor that truly cares about you and your success, I highly recommend you book a call NOW with Christina!
Thanks coach Christina, you are fabulous!
Theresa Ritcher, Health & Life Coaches

Christina is your Coaches’ Coach! 

When I started my practice last year, I was scattered and spread thin trying to do way too much at once. All because I was unsure of what would work well for me and my business. I was being contacted almost on a weekly basis to work with this business coach or that business coach, which created noise and distraction. 

Christina came along and in one phone call quieted the noise, she provided clear steps to achieving the goals I discussed with her and helped me focus on my ideal client. She did all this without all the unnecessary hype, because her methods are practical, clear and easy to follow. Somedays I think it can’t be this easy, but I can’t deny the results.

Thank you, Christina – you are a rockstar!!!

Karen Williams, Relationship Coach

Hi everyone! My name is Mary Amellin. I just recently started to work with Christina Denali in her Biz Accelerator Program. I wanted to share my wins so far. 🤩🥳🎉

I am enrolled in several other coaching programs right now and was getting so overwhelmed with all the information.

In just ONE WEEK with Christina, I have gained so much direction and clarity on my target audience and messaging. I feel so much more in alignment now and am pumped up because I know this is the right direction for me.

Christina really focuses in on her clients individual needs and gives 100%. She is such a wealth of knowledge gives clear and direct guidence. The content in her training videos is blowing me away! SO MUCH VALUE!

I can’t wait for what’s to come! I’ll keep you all posted! xo 😍
Mary A, Mindset & Business Coach

Christina has helped me in so many ways and her program has introduced new techniques to my business. I now have my own unqiue method.

I’ve been able to grow my Facebook group, grow my engagment, attract new leads and paying clients because I finally learned how to get more niched down and differentiate myself in this competitive market. Her sales style cannot be compared.

I have paid for many well known coaching programs before but by far, have gotten the best results working with Christina.

So excited!

Jeniece P., Wellness & Weight Loss Coach

Christina is such a bright guiding light. She is extremely knowledgeable, very motivational and if you’ve ever had a conversation with her, she just makes you feel seen, heard, and feel like you have all the potential to succeed. She is also honest and sincere when it comes to business. She will give honest feedback and tangible recommendations in order to see your business succeed.


I highly recommend Christina’s business accelerator and know that no matter what you sign up for with her, it will make a huge difference in your life and your business. I loved working with her and honestly felt like it was a game changer for my business. Will definitely be coming back to work with Christina again as my business continues to scale.
Camila Lopez, Online Business Owner

 Christina is a true gem in the business world offering boundless brilliant, innovative, and creative ideas.

I have known Christina for over ten years so I can candidly say, she is the most capably driven woman I have ever known, and always the first person I will go to for wisdom filled advice.

Christina has profound  knowledge along with intelligent skill sets to share professionally and she does it all with grace, sincerity, ambition, enthusiasm and confidence.

Lacey Cope, Beauty Consultant

Christina is such a breath of fresh air in this coaching space. I had been a family law attorney for nearly 15 years and was so tired of the emotional drain this put on me and my family. I decided to pivot my business during Covid and become more of a marriage coach to help couples before they file for divorce.

I could not beleive it when I met Christina, she actually has worked with lawyers for years and was so well versed in my field – knowing exactly what to do.

Step-by-step she created a custom plan for me to build out a high-ticket program.

I was able to enroll 3 clients at $3k each within weeks of launching. I am forever grateful for Christina because I get to save marriages now and I can work from home on my terms. Best investment and decision I’ve ever made.

Gemma T, Relationship Coach

I want to begin by saying that I am a person that does a tremendous amount of research prior to making an investment.  I am always seeking out the absolute “best” in regards to products, services and people.

I resonated with Christina immediately upon listening to her video on Facebook.  During our 1st introductory phone call I realized right away that I needed to figure out a way to hire this woman!!  Which I did a few days later!! 

If you are looking to partner with an exceptional coach and mentor I highly recommend Christina Denali! After our first coaching session, she sent me an in depth, custom action plan surrounding every single step we would need to take together in order to fulfill upon my business objective. 

The aforementioned information, alone, was worth every dollar!!!  Christina and I then worked together week-over-week to execute the exact plan and get my business off the ground.

She is professional, focused, detail oriented, brilliant, personable and most importantly very much encouraging!! I am extremely pleased with Christina’s work. 

Dana Phillips, Online Business Owner

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