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 We offer the “$15k Guarantee” or “£15,000 Guarantee” to clients of the Coaching Revenue Accelerator Program. Here’s what this means: if, during the program, your total revenue is less than $15,000 USD, you may be eligible for us to continue working with you until you reach that milestone.

However, remember that success requires a joint effort. Your commitment and daily effort are crucial to making the guarantee work for you. This involves actively participating, embracing the learning process, implementing the strategies we provide, and maintaining an open mindset towards change and improvement. We’re not looking for quick wins; we’re focused on real, sustainable growth. Rest assured, we will devote our time, resources, and expertise to support you, as long as you are equally prepared to show up and take the necessary actions outlined above.

To qualify for the guarantee, specific actions need to be undertaken during your program, including completing each module in the core curriculum, attending all 1-on-1 calls with your accountability partner, submitting weekly check-ins, and more, as explained in detail in the client agreement provided upon enrollment. If you wish to review the precise terms and required actions of the $15,000 guarantee before enrolling, please reach out to support@christinadenali.com.


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