I’m a Business Mentor, Sales & Marketing Strategist helping entrepreneurs confidently build their dream business. The core focus is teaching lead and revenue generation to grow a profitable & sustainable business.

After investing in more than 8 mentorship and revenue generating programs myself, I can tell you first hand most business owners are still stuck or they have to continue hiring more experts which ends up costing a fortune.

I’ve developed my two signature programs to either help you start your own business and grow revenue to $10k+ months or to help you scale your revenue to $50k+ months implementing our secret strategies.

You do not need to invest in 5-10 coaches or “gurus” – you just need ONE best-in-class program that provides everything you need in one place.

Let’s go build your dream business ~ together!


Getting it Done!

Christina is a go-getter who produces results in everything she does. With more than 15 years of combined executive, management, sales, operations and marketing experience while also owning three businesses before her revenue generating business – her background, experience and knowledge is diverse and dynamic. Helping small startups to large corporations create, build and scale their business models – Christina has a proven track record of delivering transformational outcomes.

From coaching development to digital marketing, from lead generation to high-ticket client enrollments, to helping corporate professionals transition to entrepreneurship with an exit plan – she strives to help you grow your own online business, reach your full potential and then make lots of money doing what you love. Her charismatic, direct but approachable mentorship style helps business owners get results fast.

WhyI became a business mentor?

One of my deepest passions is to help business owners become successful entrepreneurs, financially independant and empowered with confidence to live the life of their dreams.

Not every person has the desire to become an entrepreneur and not every entrepreneur has the passion to become a coach or mentor.

But if you do wish to have freedom, to live with purpose, to help others and to monetize your your expertise — then building a revenue generating business that scales is a great way to do just that.

The flexibilty to work from home, to create your own schedule, to feel successful and to change lives is a very fulfilling path.

Even more, I love to develop people into leaders who can run their own businesses, build teams, increase profits and think like a CEO. This is our time to build, expand, evolve and fulfill our dreams.

Starting my own business that is rapidly scaling has completely transformed my life. Now, I want the same for you!

Most people who start a business don’t have previous entrepreneurship, sales or marketing experience so they end up losing a lot of time and money. Not to mention, they get overwhelmed and burned out working 50+ hours a week which is not why they started their business.

When you invest in a business mentor and growth strategist, it can collapse your timeline to success and help you grow your business the right way. Building a solid foundation and model that is setup for sustainability and scalability is so important.

My job is to help you achieve your financial targets, build a team to start delegating, have freedom and flexibility in your schedule and truly love what you do.

We all have a divine calling & “zone of genius” but it’s up to us to step out on faith and go make it happen. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. I’ve got your back!

My signature Coaching Revenue Accelerator® and Elite Founders & Company™ business programs include simple and easy to understand training modules, how-to guides, built for you templates, time saver hacks and so much more. I even give you my 30 Day Fast-Cash Action Plan and proven client attraction system to enroll dream clients effortlessly.

Let’s go build your dream business, together!

Christina Denali

AchieveFreedom & Purpose

If you’re a coach, consultant or expert with an online business who is looking for a fast-track plan to getting quality leads, enroll dream clients and build a scalable business so you an get your time back – book your free Zoom Business Demo now. Spots are limited!